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How to play Champs11.... !!!

Champs11 provides a simple and exciting platform for the fantasy cricket game online. It is a game of skill where you need to create your Best team on the basis of your cricket experience and skills. The game is played with the reference of a real match, when two teams played a match it will directly reflects on your created time points (Please refer to Point System for details). In a multi user game one user compete with other user/s and at the end of the game the team with highest point will declared as winner and eligible for Cash Prize.

You need to register first if you are new otherwise Just Login with your registered Mail Id. The Registration is Free and will complete in quick steps.

You have to select a match first by just a single click and create your team, Champs11 gives you a complete freedom to create your dream team with following rules:

S.No. Category Minimum Maximum
1. Batsman 3 5
2. All rounder 1 3
3. Bowler 3 5
4. Wicket Keeper 1 2

There is no team without a captain so now its times to select your Gold Player (Captain) and Silver player (Vice- Captain), be aware to select them as your Gold Player Earn 2X and Silver Player Earn 1.5X points.

Champs11 provides multiple leagues options for a match, you can select any number of leagues for more Win & Cash.

Points For T 20 ODI Test
Every run 1 1 1
Boundary(4) 1 1 1
Six(6) 2 2 2
Out for duck(0) -5 -10 -15
Every Milestone(25 runs) 6 4 2
Strike Rate 2*(Runs scored - ball faced) (Runs scored - ball faced) N/A
For Wicket 20 20 20
Maiden over 20 10 N/A
Every Milestone(2 Wickets) 16 8 4
For economy rate 2*(1.5*ball - runs consided) Balls deliver - runs consided N/A
Catch 10 10 10
Stump 15 15 15
Run Out (Throw) 15 15 15
Captain 2 * of scored points 2 * of scored points 2 * of scored points
Vice Captain 1.5 * of scored points 1.5 * of scored points 1.5 * of scored points
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