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FAQs.... !!!

  • What is is the World's No.1 Fantasy Cricket Game of Skill where you showcase your cricketing knowledge and make a lot of cash while doing so!

  • How do I sign up?

    Easy! Once you are on, you can register by filling out a short form or by clicking on 'Login with FB' to register with your Facebook account. After you're through with the registration, you can check the tutorial video, which will guide you through simple steps of creating your Fantasy Cricket Team and then joining Leagues to win Cash.

  • How do I change my password?

    After logging in to your account, click on your Team Name on the top right, then on 'Change Password'. The system will ask you for your old and new password. After filling these, simply click on 'Change Password' ...and it's done!

  • How many Fantasy Cricket teams can I create with the same Email Id?

    Easy! Once you are on, you can register by filling out a short form or by clicking on 'Login with FB' to register with your Facebook account. After you're through with the registration, you can check the tutorial video, which will guide you through simple steps of creating your Fantasy Cricket Team and then joining Leagues to win Cash.

  • Can I update / edit my information?

    Sure! Simply log in and click on the 'Edit Profile' link (at the top of the page). You will be able to update / edit your Full Name. You can also edit your date of birth and state as long as your account is Unverified. The team name chosen by you and registered email id cannot be changed.

  • I'm sure I've got the right username and password but I still can't log in.

    That's strange! If you are sure that you are a registered user on and are entering the correct details, please email us at Our Customer Care team will be happy to assist you.

  • How do I play the Fantasy Cricket Game?

    • Register / log in on after choosing your Sport and Country.
    • Click on the 'Create Team' button for the particular Round you want to join.
    • Select your Fantasy Team of 11 players (including a Captain and VC) within the virtual budget of 100 Cr from all the Teams included in the Round.
    • Join Paid or Free Leagues of your choice. Paid Leagues let you win Cash and require an entry fee, for which we provide multiple payment methods such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net banking, Mobile Payments and Cash Cards.
    • Once the Live match starts, your Fantasy Team starts earning points on the basis of actual performance of the players selected by you. Final Points, Rankings and Winners are declared after the end of the Round.

    Please visit our Help section where you can check out our awesome tutorial video! We're sure you'll select a kickass team that will win you loads of cash!

  • When does the Fantasy Cricket Game start?

    The Fantasy Cricket game starts as soon as the deadline for the round ends. The deadline (denoted by the countdown ticker) is usually 1 hour before the start of the first match in the round.

  • How do I select my Fantasy Cricket Team?

    After logging into your account, click on the 'Create Team' button for the particular Round you want to join. Select your Fantasy Team of 11 players (including a Captain and VC) within the virtual budget of 100 Cr from all the Teams included in the Round. For more guidance, please click on the 'Creating Your Team' link in our 'Help' section more details. We're sure you'll select a kick-ass team and hope you win a lot of cash!

  • Can I change my Fantasy Cricket Team for future rounds?

    Yes, you are required to create a new Fantasy Cricket Team for every round on

  • What if one of my chosen cricketers does not play in the round?

    Need to choose your Fantasy Team carefully, Champ! The player who does not feature in the starting 11 in the matches (included in the round) does not get any Fantasy Points.

  • How many cricketers are needed to create a Fantasy Cricket Team?

    You need to select 11 cricketers to create a Fantasy Cricket Team, with a minimum of 3 bowlers, 3 batsmen, 1 all-rounder and 1 wicket-keeper, while the other 3 cricketers can be from any category. Please click on the 'Creating Your Team' link in our 'Help' section for more details on possible team combinations.

  • I've spent my entire budget before selecting all 11 players. How do I complete my Fantasy Cricket Team?

    That's the challenge! You need to create your Fantasy Cricket Team within the budget of 100 credits given to you. We're sure you can do it!

  • What is the use of a captain in the Fantasy Cricket Team?

    The Captains always has some charisma! The cricketer you choose to be your Fantasy Cricket Team's captain will receive double points and VC will receive 1.5 times the points for his performance. So choose your Trump Cards thoughtfully!

  • When I make changes in the Fantasy Cricket Team - how long does it take for the change to reflect?

    The changes are instant! You can make unlimited changes any time before the deadline hits for a particular round.

  • Can I edit my Fantasy Cricket Team during the round?

    Come on, where's the skill in that? You can create or edit your Fantasy Cricket Team only before the deadline, which is usually 1 hour prior to the start of the first match of the round. So keep an eye on the ticker!

  • When do you update the squads for rounds on

    The squads for rounds featured on can keep getting updated till the deadline for that particular round as per the alerts received from our service providers. Users are requested to keep checking for such updates till the deadline for respective rounds.

  • How can I see my Fantasy Cricket Team's rankings?

    You can click on the particular round that you have created your Fantasy Team for, click on the 'Joined' tab just above the league options and then click on the 'Show' button to see the updated points and rankings for yourself and your opponents in that League.

  • How do I create Multiple Teams for the same Round?

    Multiple Team option is enabled after creating your First Team. You can create Multiple Teams by clicking '+' button above your team on the Leagues page.

  • How many Teams can I create in a Round?

    You can create up to 4 separate Teams in a Round.

  • Can I join the same League using Multiple Teams?

    You can join only one League with one Team. However, Leagues which display 'Multi Entry' on them allow you to join the same with Multiple Teams.

  • Can I edit my Teams?

    Yes! You can edit your Team(s) before the Round Deadline.

  • Can I change my Team options (Team 1 or Team 2) after joining the League?

    Yes! You can change your Team option in a league (Choose Team 1 or Team 2 to compete in a League) from 'Joined Leagues' tab. But this option only exists till the Deadline ends.

  • How do I score points?

    You will score points depending on how the cricketers in your Team perform in the live match(es). So make sure you pick a winning combination to help you win cash. Please check our 'Points System' in the 'How to Play' section to understand the details.

  • When will the scores be updated?

    Fantasy Cricket Points are usually updated every few minutes! The final points including your team's total and your rank are updated once the round gets over. Winners are declared and Winnings are distributed only after our team verifies the points.

  • I have created my Fantasy Cricket Team before the deadline so why hasn't my Fantasy Cricket Team got any points as yet?

    Fantasy Cricket Game points are awarded only when the live match begins.

  • Which website do you refer to update the Fantasy Cricket Points?

    We get our Live Score feeds from Cricbuzz, the fastest live score provider online. All our Fantasy Cricket Game's points are calculated using these live feeds.

  • Will I get points for Man of the Match?

    There are no points to be earned for Man of the Match.

  • What happens when there is a tie between users? How will you distribute the prize?

    If there is a tie between 2 or more users, then the prize money is divided equally between the users. However, only in the case of a 2 member League, the entire amount is refunded to both users if their teams were exactly the same, including the Captain and VC.

  • Do I get points for the Super Over in a Match?

    Sorry! We do not consider the Super Over in our Fantasy Cricket Game. The runs/wickets scored by the cricketers are not considered in their official records; hence the Fantasy Cricket Game also does not consider these points.

  • How do I cross check my Fantasy Cricket Team's points?

    You can cross check your points by clicking on the 'Fantasy Scorecard' link on the Leagues page. If you want to check out the points system again, visit the Point System section on the Help page.

  • Can't reach Customer Care on Live Help. Why?

    The 'Live Help' feature is available from Monday - Friday from 10.30am - 6.30pm IST. If we are not online you can yet leave us a message and we will get back to you at the earliest.

  • What type of Leagues can I participate in?

    We're spreading the field wide on where you can join a host of Leagues like 2 members, 3 members, 5 members and 10 members Leagues (depending on the number of competitors in a league) as well as Special & Grand Leagues. You can join paid Leagues to win Cash and / or the free-to-play Skill Leagues to hone your Fantasy Cricket skills till you are confident with your selection skills to enter the Paid Leagues to win Cash.

  • What are Public & Private Leagues?

    This is where Fantasy Cricket on gets even more awesome! Public Leagues are open for all to participate in; whereas Private Leagues let you invite & challenge your own friends in the same League. You can invite your friends by email or through Facebook! Only those who have the code to a private league can join that particular league.

  • How do I create a Private League?

    Follow these simple steps to unravel the Fantasy Cricket fun together with your friends!

    • Select the Round that you want to participate in
    • Click on 'Create League' button
    • Create the League of your choice using the given options & join
    • Invite your friends via email, or by sharing a unique code on Facebook
    • Your friends can join this League by clicking on the link sent to them and following simple steps

    Voila! You have your own Private League on!

  • How do I join a Private League?

    • You will receive a link to join a Private League on if invited by your friend. Click on this link
    • If you are already a registered user on and have not already created a team for the round, you will need to create your Fantasy Team for the League you're invited to.
    • After creating your Team, enter the invitation code on the Leagues page. Click on the 'Join' button. The system will confirm deduction of the entry fee for the League from your account or prompt you to make payment in case your account does not have the adequate balance.
    • If you are a new user, you will need to first register on After successful registration, you can follow the above steps starting from creating your team.
    • Make the payment for the entry fee to the invited League
    • Join more Fantasy Cricket Leagues to win more Cash!
  • How will I be informed if I win a Cash prize?

    Ranking and points will be updated and displayed during and at the end of every match. If you win any Paid League, the Cash will be credited automatically into your account.

  • When will the Cash be distributed?

    The Winner declaration and crediting of the winnings to your account usually happens within a couple of hours after the round is completed. The Team manually verifies the Fantasy Cricket Scorecard with our live cricket feed to ensure that the points and scores are correctly updated after every round. This procedure can sometimes take a relatively long time. Only after we are absolutely sure that all points and scores are accurate, the final points are updated and winners declared.

  • How do I check my account balance?

    The balance in your account will be displayed on the top of your screen at all times. You can also click on the wallet symbol on top of the page for a break-up of your account balance and your most recent transactions on

  • How can I add money?

    Simple! Click on the wallet symbol displayed on top of the page and then click on 'Add Funds', after which you'll be guided through the entire payment process.If you have any payment related queries, please feel free to email us at or chat with us on the website using the 'Live Help' feature.

  • What are the ways to add money?

    As of now, you can deposit money into your account balance by paying through: Debit Card, Credit Card, Net banking, Mobile Payments and Cash Cards. If you have any payment related queries, please feel free to email us at or chat with us on the website using the 'Live Help' feature.

  • Is it safe to pay through your website?

    Absolutely! To ensure that all the payments are safe and secure, we use reputed and verified third party payment gateways that have multiple security checks and comply with every single law on online transactions.

  • Is Verification necessary to Join Leagues on

    NO. You can Join Leagues on and even without verifying your account. When you Win Paid Leagues, your winnings will be deposited in your account Verification of your account becomes mandatory only before you can make Withdrawals from your account to your Bank account.

  • How do I get my account verified?

    The account verification is a one-time process. Once your account is verified, you can withdraw cash at your convenience without having to submit any more details. For your account to be verified, click on the not “Verify Now” button on the account balance page where you will have to upload your PAN card, address proof, and bank details. Once these documents are submitted and approved (after matching the details on the uploaded documents with the details on your account), our team will change your status to 'Verified' within 5 working days. It is possible that your first attempt at verification may be rejected if your documents do not match with the details updated in your account. In this case, our Customer Care Team will contact you with the reason that the verification was rejected and help you get your account verified with the correct documents.

  • What if I want to update some details in my account?

    Easy! Details like your Name and Mobile number can be edited by clicking on your Team Name after logging in to your account. For any changes in your Date of Birth, Address etc. related to the Verification of your account, please send us an email request at with the exact date of birth / address that you wish to update on your account, along with the PAN card / address proof (for e.g. Passport/Driving License/Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill etc. for address proof) attached.

  • Why do I need a PAN card for ID proof? is the World's No. 1 Fantasy Cricket Game of Skill where you can Win Cash legally! Your withdrawals on involve transfer of money from your account to your bank account, and hence PAN card has become a mandatory requirement for id proof. In case you do not have a PAN card, you can still join the Leagues on, and your winnings will be deposited in your account. You can apply for a PAN card in the meantime; once you receive the PAN card, upload it along with the address proof and bank details to get your account verified. You will then be able to withdraw any amounts to your bank account.

  • How do I withdraw money from my account balance?

    You can withdraw money from your account balance once your account is verified. This verification is a one-time process which never needs to be repeated unless you wish to make changes to your account. Once your account is verified, you can withdraw the desired amount (min. of Rs.200 and max. of Rs.10,000 at a time) and it will be sent to your bank account within 5 working days.

  • Why can't I withdraw from the Cash Bonus in my account?

    This is the bonus amount given by the to you. It's a Freebie! So you cannot withdraw this amount, but can use this amount to join more Leagues and win more Cash! Cash Bonus also comes with an expiry date.

  • What is the minimum & maximum amount I can withdraw from my account?

    The minimum amount for a single withdrawal request is Rs.200 and the maximum amount that you can withdraw is Rs.10,000/-.

  • What bank account details do I need to provide for withdrawal/ verification?

    We've gotta make sure that it's you who we're sending the money to. So we need you to provide the following bank account details: Name of the bank, Name of the branch, Name of Account Holder, Account No. and IFSC Code.

  • Is the paid version of Fantasy Cricket legal in India?

    Yes, please review the Legality section on our website for more details.

  • Am I allowed to play if I'm under the age of 18?

    We're sorry, this game is strictly for users who are at least 18 years of age.

  • Do I have to pay taxes when I withdraw money to my bank account?

    Taxes are deducted at source wherever applicable and paid out by us, as per the Income Tax Act 1961. Winners will be provided TDS certificates in respect of such tax deductions, if applicable. However, you shall be responsible for payment of any other applicable tax, including but not limited to, income tax, gift tax, etc. in respect of the Cash Prizes money won. If you have any queries regarding taxation, we strongly suggest that you consult with a tax expert. For more information please check our Terms and Conditions.

  • What are the taxes applicable if I win more than Rs.10,000?

    As per the Income Tax Act 1961 if your individual winnings for a single league is more than Rs.10,000, a tax of 30.9% will be deducted. The remaining amount (69.10%) will be credited to your winnings balance. For e.g. If you win Rs.1,00,000, a tax of Rs.30,900 will be deducted and your actual winnings are Rs.69,100.

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